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The Miami International Arbitration Society (MIAS) was founded in order to promote the use of international arbitration and mediation and the selection of Miami as the situs for international arbitration proceedings related to the resolution of transborder commercial and investment disputes. The Society works to maintain and enhance the extensive infrastructure developed to encourage international arbitration in Miami by supporting appropriate legislation, relevant academic programs at area universities, local international arbitration conferences, featuring distinguished practitioners as guest speakers, and providing training and legal updates to its members on the latest developments in international arbitration. The Society also provides a forum where practitioners and others interested in international arbitration can network and exchange ideas and information about this growing practice area.

Florida: a bright destination for international arbitration

The spotlight on South Florida as a preeminent forum to resolve international commercial disputes continues to shine brightly. For good reason. Due largely to the efforts of the International Law Section of the Florida Bar and the Miami International Arbitration Society, Miami has emerged as a world-class destination for international commercial arbitration. Last month, the New York Times lauded Florida’s rising prominence in international commercial arbitration, highlighting that Miami was chosen as the venue to determine $1.6 billion in disputes arising from the expansion of the Panama Canal.

South Florida’s position of prominence was not achieved overnight, however.

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MIAS Mentioned in New York Times

MIAS and Miami as an arbitration center were mentioned in the September 12th issue of the New York Times:

The 48-mile Panama Canal expansion is an engineering marvel that promises to speed up international commerce and may be a boon for global ports. It is also one that involves lots of disputes over cost overruns and construction delays, and pushed completion beyond the canal’s 100th anniversary last month.

Rather than hash out any of the issues in Panama, where the court system could have an intrinsic bias toward the government, the feuding parties mutually agreed to iron out $1.6 billion in disputes in Miami.

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